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Elin Bäckman, CMO

In what way has your work life become richer since starting at Nextory?
I have always been passionate about my jobs, but a new dimension has been added at Nextory. I am a mother and as such, I am truly concerned about the decrease in reading amongst kids and teenagers. My job allows me to actively work towards changing this, and making reading part of children's lives again. This makes every hour I work meaningful. I work with a mission of increasing reading. Also, speaking about being a parent, I am able to combine a life with young kids and my career at Nextory.

Tell us about a book that has moved you or perhaps changed your life in some way?
Ha ha, I am always most passionate about the last book I read and if a book doesn't affect me in any way, I rarely finish it. The last book I read was by Cissi Wallin, and it made me reflect on sexism, feminism and how vulnerable we all are.

Describe Nextory in three words?
Kind, smart and creative.

Carolina Laurén, PR & Brand Manager

In what way has your work life become richer since starting at Nextory?Working at Nextory is being part of something bigger. A journey towards enriching the world, one great story at a time. It’s really inspiring and lots of fun.

Tell us about a book that has moved you to the core?
I know it’s probably one of the most recommended books this side of the millennium, but I have to say that Hanya Yanagihara’s “A little life” has moved me the most. I cried rivers.

Describe Nextory in three words?
Brave, since we dare to go our own way. Intelligent, because we always do smart and well-throughout things. And kind. All people working at Nextory are warm, including and very inspiring people.


Our vision

  • Why?

    We want to increase reading.
    Our belief is that individuals
    and societies would feel much
    better if people read more.

  • How?

    This is only possible to
    accomplish if the availability of
    books increases.

  • What

    So, with the help of digital
    technology we have created
    an app that makes books truly
    accessible - whenever,

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